A series:
I am inspired by the term AI, trying to figure out past, progress, and propaganda… trying to jot down my daily learnings, thoughts over here as I progress and explore the world of AI… Stay tuned!!

Little Background:

It’s been more than 7 decades since the term Artificial Intelligence has…

No!! Right IT/OT setup and quick adoption to avoid new threats is the only cure!!

Cyber Security is the worry of digitally connected world (image credit Adobe)

Imagine a world of integrated power generation, renewable and distribution of electricity where we have traditional Grid operators (DSO/TSO) along with new emerging local Microgrids. This will surely open doors for various new business opportunities, new challenges for IT and OT (Operations Technology), financial sector and regulatory across the globe…

Grigo Gaurav

Embracing the gift of nature -"Human Life", passionate about Technology and Servant Leadership, believes in People and vision is Green Tomorrow!!

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